Thursday 6 December 2012

The Gratchett Who Stole Christmas!

Oh no! That last remaining pesky Gratchett Amy Steele is back to her old routine and has stolen the Merry from neighbouring Merryville Village!

Because we're lovely people it's time to help out and have everyone from the homestead do their parts to bring the festive feelings back to the poor downtrodden folks of Merryville!

As usual we'll see a popup to start...

That will begin a series of eight daily missions and two wrappers and no build! (All mission details HERE)

The missions themselves will be launched from and use the right hand "extra" land, where currently we're building John's Family's house.

As the missions are completed Merryville gets more and more... well, Merry! Until finally it's a grogeous festive paradise (how good are the art department, seriously?)

We'll see three new items, the first is a "healable", which is the Unwrapped Gift! We wrap that up with wrapping requested from neighbours and it turns into a collectible which pops out random rewards!

Next up is the free gift crop, the very festive Holly...

And a Mission Reward tree, Mistletoe!

We'll also see a collection...

...and a sweepstakes! (Which EVERYONE can enter)

So let's do our best to Merry up Merryville!