Monday 28 January 2013

Bigger is Better

Yes folks, it's time to get bigger, and it's not just one expansion mission, we're doubling up with even a little more for those who are feeling flush!

Yes, the last two expansions that have been available for purchase are now going to roll to us all for missions, giving us a double boost to our stead size.

Obviously if you did purchase either or both, you won't receive the connected missions.

First up is the 51x51 missions, where we get some sturdy fences around our new land... (all mission details HERE)

And then we'll be clearing brush and setting up a New Land Party for the 53x53 set!  (all mission details HERE)

Each will require you to complete the missions then buy the land in the Land Office, 51x51 costs 10 Land Grants, 53x53 costs 11.

Finally, if you are a Horseshoe buyer there's new land for you as well, as we'll be seeing a brand new 55x55 Expansion in the Market!

So lets get growing!