Tuesday 13 December 2011

10 Days of Presents Sweepstakes!

Christmas is about to arrive on the Homestead and what better way to spread the festive to cheer than collecting presents for all our Homestead characters! We, in turn will be rewarded with Stocking Stuffers which will unlock some great prizes and enter us into the Holiday Sweepstakes!

You will know that the time is right when the Holiday Lodge appears on the right hand side of your Homestead -

And this pop up will begin a SERIES OF THREE MISSIONS (See them HERE)

But not only that! Clicking on the Holiday Lodge will bring up this menu -

There are 10 REPEATABLE MISSIONS - Each one unlocking 24 hours after the previous one.

Complete the 10 Days of Presents Missions to get the rewards you can see above! As you complete the mission you will also unlock some NEW CROPS and a TREE

 As you can see the Frozen Orange Tree and Ginger are only purchased with Horseshoes BUT look out for them on the FREE GIFTS PAGE - send them to your friends, they will need them in order to complete some of the later missions.

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