Friday 2 December 2011

Hogknocker Timed Missions

As winter is here the Pioneers are all gathering around the campfire and telling tall tales of legendary animals to be found in the untamed wilds of the Frontier.

None is more recognised at this time of year than the Hogknocker, a winter pig that can grow up to be the size of a bear!

Naturally it's time for Jack, Hank and Fanny to go a'huntin' for this beastie in a set of SINGLE timed quests (each quest must be completed in 5 days and they do not spawn each other they will be released separately over a length of time.)

The first quest (released on the 1st of December) is Jack and available when you get to Level 22...

The second mission, release TBA, is with Hank and also primed for Level 22.

Completing those will win you some XP, a couple hogknocker crates (that can contain Hogknocker Collectibles) and a small hogknocker...

But if you've had a little more experience in the Frontier world (Level 90+) then it's time to team up with Fanny for a special third timed mission to be released after 1 and 2 in the future and this one is a DOOZY.

Completing this mission will get you a massive 25k of experience (a minimum of a quarter of your Level bar), a crate AND that most rare of beasties... the rideable Hogknocker!

The crates and the animals, when tended, will drop items from the Hogknocker collection.

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