Thursday 7 November 2013

Admin-imals Animated! [UPDATED]

We've always been proud and honoured by our connections within the PT team. Well, we were chatting to one of the lovely Devs the other day and he sprung a little surprise on us...

They asked our permission to use our names (well, 4 of them, more later) and after we acted like giggling little fangirls and a fanboy, we said yes.

So, can I present, in animated form... Ms Amy Munk, Andy Ursine, Foxy Marjo and Quill Gillian, four of us in animal form! (One will come from each different variety of the partner animals)


NEW ARRIVALS! Yes, we can now introduce Jo the Cheerful Calf and Pat the Peppy Piglet to the list of Admin-imals :D

NEWER ARRIVALS! Yet more Admin-imals to enjoy :D Say hello to Lisa Shpig and Gemma Goaw!

We love them (obviously) and we think it's awesome how they took our Express theme and Postman Merc and worked it into these animals... If your favourite Admin isn't in the list don't worry, there's more plans! Obviously we are grateful beyond belief for this gift from Zynga :)

We give huge thanks to the PT team for this gift, the Devs for coding it and coming up with the idea (one in particular who I don't know if I can name but he'll read this hopefully and know who he is) and the art department who made us all look so good.