Thursday 31 October 2013

It's time for... Spring!?

[Caution: This thread contains naked Granny and is not appropriate for those of a nervous disposition.]

Yes, Spring is in the air on the homestead, well, actually no it's in the ground first, then in the air as we discover a series of healthy hot springs on the homestead that'll help heal the minds and bodies of the residents and also, from Monday, help us out with a little crop magic.

Of course, if we're going to make the most of these springs it means a few things... we have to make them work for us, test the waters that come from them and do our best to help any animals that might have been caught up in it...

As usual, we'll be greeted with a popup...

That will start off a series of five missions with a wrapper and one coming Monday (all details HERE) and a small build, a hot Spring which will transform into a fancy Frontier Bath House (all details HERE).

The Hot Spring/Bath House will also have a Telegraph Station-like daily bonus where it'll add up over the course of 5 days until you get a big prize at the end.

We'll also see a new sideboard on the right hand side for another bit of impressive artwork...

The missions themselves have a couple healable items, Aromatic Geysers that are healed with Testing Kits and Movin' Muds that use Cleaning Solutions. The first don't become anything, the second becomes a set of small critters, two of which we'll need during the missions. (Crafting requirements are in the mission posts)

Those will be in the market along with a new free gift crop, Cucumbers and a few other mission goodies.

The really great part of this thread will arrive on Monday with the extra wrapper, and that's the Mineral Spring that's part of the rewards.

This spring, that's full of nutrients perfect for crops has a trick up it's sleeve... passing a planted crop over the spring multiplies it and gives you extra crops! The amount will increase as the Hot Spring is expanded into the Bath House...

Finally, we will see a collection that'll drop a Steamin Crate which contains items for the missions.