Thursday 17 October 2013

When Shall We Three Spook Again

I think most people would say a ghost or a witch is bad, a ghost witch is worse and THREE Ghost Witches? That has to be worst of all!

If things weren't spooky enough already a new curse has hit the Homestead and it's an attack from a trio of witches from beyond the veil!

So, how are we going to fight off this Maiden, Mother and Crone?

Well, we're going to do what we do best, and put them to rest for good.

As usual, here comes the popup!

This kicks off quite a bijou set of missions with just 4 main missions, a wrapper on the day and a wrapper on Monday (all details HERE)

Now, one thing that's a bit different in this one is that while we have a four step build it's not for one building, instead we're building four decorations/buildings that will drop goodies and generally Halloweeny up our stead.

The main one is the Open Grave, the original location of the Witches...

Then, as rewards, we'll get the Witches Wardrobe, Tainted Table and Haunted Hovel.

Each of these uses one stage of the four building stages (all details HERE)

We'll also see three new healables...

Each takes a different feed item, and we've got all the details in the mission posts HERE.

Those will be in the market alongside a few other mission based items including a new Free Gift "Crop" and a new coin crop!

Finally we won't see a new collection but we will see an update to an old one! Last year's Countdown to Halloween Collection has been changed to give this year's new free gift crop instead of the XP.

So, Who ya gonna call?