Thursday 10 October 2013

Trick or Treat

Halloween is here again! The kids are hyper on sugar, the spiders are left alone to web up the place and the Pumpkins are scared...

It'll come as absolutely no surprise though to learn it's not just all candy and candles this year as the whole homestead seems to have gone a bit Hammer Horror and, try to contain your shock, it's up to us to get it fixed!

It'll all kick off with the well known popup...

That will kick off a set of releases over the next few days totalling 12 main missions and a Monday wrapper (All details HERE). There's no build, just a small placeable decoration, the Candy Safe.

This contains a map, the likes of which we've seen a few times before, with three columns of four missions which all run alongside each other and release at a column per day.

Just like the recent fishing and bug missions we'll also see one of the missions classed as special each day which will give extra goodies and work towards Monday's wrapper.

As you can see, the missions themselves are pretty straightforward with a few crafts etc dotted around. We'll also see 3 new healables specially for Halloween, each will take a specific feed to heal and all details are in the relevant mission posts.

Along with the Mister we'll see two new free gifts, a crop and an animal, which is the return of the Mummy Sheep from the Curse of the Mummy thread (the pigs return too!)

They'll also be in the market along with some other goodies.

Excitingly we'll also see the advent of some new boosts, the Licorice Boost will speed up actions on the Homestead with a 10 minute FIFTEEN item Fast Hand effect and the intriguing Animal Edibles Boost will let us tend animals three times before they stop being hungry! These are crafted in the Candy Shop.

Finally we will see a collection BUT, and this is a big but, unlike previous Map missions there is NO collection requirement, something I know will cheer a LOT of people up!

So, lets get spooky... :D