Friday 4 October 2013

Froggy Went A' Jumpin

Now that the homestead is over-run with frogs what are we going to do with them?

Well, the most obvious answer is of course... Frog Jumping Races with the kids!

Of course, everyone on the homestead is competitive so that can only mean one thing, we need to breed up the best, fastest and hoppiest of Frogs to make sure we get to win the races!

As usual, we'll see a popup to start.

This will kick off a 5 mission thread with two wrappers, one on Thursday, one on Monday (all details HERE) and a 4 step build, the Frog Track (all details HERE).

From here on out, the missions will guide us through breeding our frogs as the long known breeding mechanic comes into play.

It'll work the same as Bunny Breeding where we can breed with neighbour frogs or buy a breeding partner from Ted and then feed them with Soothing Spots that drop from the new Free Gift crop, Hosta Flowers.

Then, when fed up we'll get a variety of random rewards depending on type and the bred frog will retire!

For more information on Breeding Frogs see our guide HERE.

We'll see three new types of frog tonight, The Racing Frog which drops from tending any fully grown frogs from the last set of missions, and two new market frogs, the Fanciful Frog and the Trekkin Toad. These take 34 Pond Parcels like all Partner Animals.

As we said earlier, there is one new Free Gift crop...

...which is also in the market with some more mission items...

So, hop along and breed those frogs!