Thursday 26 September 2013

Broken Nature

Ever since she found her new identity, Storm Crow has had a strong connection to the homestead, so when things start breaking around the stead and she falls ill at the same time we know things have gone wrong...

It's up to us to do our bit to heal the young Native American and solve the problems of the homestead in one go, and in return Storm Crow will help us out in return with another new skill she has learnt from the spirits.

So, for starters, it's a popup!

That will kick off a standard 5 mission thread, with a wrapper and a Monday wrapper (all details HERE) and a 4 step build, the Nature Shrine (all details HERE).

Now, we probably should go straight into the Nature Shrine and what it's going to do for us, because it's anything but useless.

The Nature Shrine can channel the spirits of the Homestead into items that will help us finish missions! When we activate the Shrine it gives us a 15 minute window and, during that time, every different item we direct request, we get one back, a la Spirit Tree.

It'll become active after the second mission then, the more missions you complete, the faster the gap between each use, dropping from 36 hours at first, then 26, 18 and finally 12 hours, so every time we can DR!

The Nature Shrine has a second job too, and that's to give us magical items to calm the angry homestead spirits in return for offerings.

When we give an offering to the shrine it'll give us a magic amulet. Those are then used (3 apiece) on Weather Disturbances, Animal Disturbances and Plant Disturbances. They in turn reveal the angry Weather, Animal and Plant spirits within who will be healed with 3 items of their own which are wall requested (Weather Wooer, Plant Pacifiers or Animal Appeasements.)

We have two offering choices, a simple offering that's made with drops from Peppermint and a Wall Post item and will give us one amulet...

Or we can add Horseshoes to make a Potent Offering and that'll give us one of each amulet.

We'll see two new free gifts, a new crop and the Plant Disturbance mentioned earlier.

Those will be in the market along with a bundle of other new items.

Finally we'll see a new collection with a great reward, an Eco Jacking and one of the Potent Offerings!

So, lets get working and get more goodies for our missions!