Thursday 12 September 2013


It's back to school time on the Frontier and Fanny has come up with a new project for the children this term, one that'll teach them all about some of the smallest inhabitants of the Frontier...

Fanny's decided the theme of this term is going to be Bug Collecting, and will be teaching all the children how to find and safely catch creepy crawlies.

Of course, there's something in it for us as well... as it seems there's some collectors willing to pay for some good Frontier bugs.

As usual, things will start off with a popup...

That'll start up a set of 8 missions, 2 wrappers and a Monday mission (all details HERE).

They're all accessible from a mission manager screen...

Each mission will reward us with Creepy Crawlers, which we'll be collecting for a total in the wrapper missions.

We're also going to see the Creepy Crawlers drop from a variety of new placeables and healables that will be integral to the mission.

That's the Rotting Log, Musty Shack, Bug Nest and Vibrant Meadow and they'll each take a different item to search, all details are in the mission posts.

Searching them will allow us to collect actual insects, spiders and bugs that are placeable items on the homestead and can be sold off for special rewards including coins, Gold Dust, even Horseshoes...

Oh, and even better, the Early Worm Boost will double all rewards!

We'll also get goodies by completing "Extra Credit" missions, those will be marked on the mission manager screen and act like the Hotspot missions in Fishing, hopefully minus the Letter!

In the market will be a bundle of new stuff including those items we'll search for bugs, the new Free Gift Crop and a coin tree... Which is a familiar one, the Spider Tree that was previously a reward.

We'll also see some new boosts coming Monday with some more of Doc's Experimentation, the Pheromone Boost and the Pollination Boost.

These boosts are for the greenhouse and will provide a time boost to any crops inside, the Pollination Boost will shorten all crops by one hour, the Pheromone Boost, a hefty 6 hours!

So.... let's go bug hunting!