Thursday 19 September 2013

Not Easy Being Green

It seems a new plague has hit the Frontier, a jumping, croaking fly eating one! (Hmm, maybe not such a bad plague then, I wonder if they can catch Spider Wasps...)

This hoppy infestation has come from lord knows where and even Fanny is stumped!

So, time to get your exploring gear on and try and work out just where these amphibian invaders have come from!

As usual, the new feature will kick off with a popup...

This will start off a 4 mission thread with a wrapper and a Monday wrapper (all details HERE) and, of course, a build, the Frog Haven (all details HERE) although it is only 3 steps.

From there on out these will be a traditional set of Partner Missions, as we find various different frogs and grow them either on our own, or with a neighbour, for goodies!

There will be four different frog types...

And they will be fed with 34 Frog Parcels which are made with 2 Pond Pads (White Water Lily/White Orchids) and 3 Leftover Bugs (Wall Post)

We'll also see a healable Kissing Frog that can turn into a Prince! That takes Frog Kisses, which are crafted with 2 Hopping Hope (Mayfly Nests) and 3 Volunteer Lips (Wall Post)

As well as those in the market we'll see a new free gift crop...

...along with a few other goodies.

Finally, we have a collection!

So, time to play Frogger...