Thursday 5 September 2013

Jack Gets Fiddled

There are many incomprehensible things about the homestead.

Where did the dragons and dinosaurs come from and why haven't they eaten anyone?

How do you move an entire building from one location to the other as easy as you move a sheep?

Jacques. Not Jacques anything, just... Jacques.

But by far and away the most intractable questions is... how did Jack last this long without us? He's an old man, he's obviously gone a goodly number of years without being eaten by chimpunks, drowning in soup or suddenly forgetting to breathe.... and yet he does tend to give the impression of a toddler needing constant supervision.

A popup launches the latest round of Jacksitting as we find him suddenly homeless with a fancy fiddle...

This heralds the arrival of a 12 mission thread with a wrapper to arrive on Monday (all details HERE)

The missions themselves are a set of repeatable map missions, think the Summer Camp missions, where we'll have a daily set of three missions and a wrapper arrive.

Just like the Camp the missions will each intertwine with each other and require completion of each other by the end.

We'll see one new free gift crop which will be instrumental in the missions...

...and a number of new market items, most are mission rewards, we'll cover anything that's mission needed in the missions posts HERE.

Finally, we'll see three new collections for the missions.


So, lets get Jack out of another mess...