Friday 30 August 2013

Dry and Drier

It seems it's not all fun and games during Summertime on the Frontier!

As things have heated up they've also dried up, and we're in serious trouble as the locusts invade and our crops go dry and lifeless.

So now, there's no fun and games, we have to get together and do our best to save the homestead from becoming an infertile desert along with the newly named Storm Crow to give us a hand!

As usual, a popup starts the crisis...

This kicks off a 5 step mission thread, along with a wrapper for Monday (all details HERE) and a four step build, although this one is a simple small placeable for the homestead (the Water Storage Tank) and the right hand sideboard where the Swimming Hole takes on a vastly different look... I think water skiing is out... (All build details HERE)

Although don't worry, come the end the swimming hole will be back to it's former glory.

There will be a couple things that need "healing" although they're not random, one is clouds of locusts that have been attracted by the drought and need scaring away with Bug Spray... It'll take 6 hits on foot but only one hit as usual on a Grizzly.

..the other is a new free gift tree, the Baobab tree, which takes two drops of water.

We're also going to see some brand new boosts along with our mission on Monday when Doc goes experimenting again!

This time Doc's working on how to help our Fruit trees, which will lead to three new boosts, the Orange, Lemon and Peach Surges.

Those boosts will be used like the Allures, instantly readying all the trees of a certain type that are stored (fulfilling part of our desire for fruit readies inside storage!)

They'll also be in the market along with the new COIN crop and a number of other mission based goodies...

The Yucca Crop will take one Wet Rag each to grow, which is a wall post.

That will include the new dry earth to dry out our homesteads...

...AND most excitingly of all, an old crop from far away, now growable on our own steads. The Flytrap (previously only in Ghost Town) is a one hour crop and will be used in the new missions. But the most exciting part is the Flytrap Collection, when traded in gives an Accelerate Crops boost! This takes an hour off all growing crops so... new favourite crop to plant?

Oh, and talking collections, we get a new one!

So, lets try and get that water flowing again!