Thursday 1 August 2013

New Gold Dust Market items!

It's time for a little refresh of the Gold Dust market!

Zynga have always suggested the market would be mixed up and have been checking on what folks would like to see in there.

This run around of new items contains at least two things that I know some folks have been requesting, from a boost to one mission item that's been one of the hardest randoms to find!

So, what do we have...?

On the boosts side we'll be seeing the three short doublers, Crop Mumblers, Animal Magnetisms and Eco Jacking boosts. We'll also see the crop growing Escargot Boost.

On the others side we're getting the Rock Candy Sheep, Billionaire Sheep and Giant Bunny... although that's not the most exciting part, we'll also be able to buy the Blue Show Stopper!

Make sure to keep answering when we ask about possible Gold Dust Market items, they are listening!