Thursday 8 August 2013

Fishing For Prizes

The sun is still shining so it's time to keep up the Summer Activities!

We've spent the last week putting ourselves into the water and now it's time to start taking things out as we take on the Frontier staple of the Fishing Derby!

Will we be able to beat off all the competitors and finish off the Derby with the heaviest pack of fish? Let's hope so!

As usual, things appear alongside a popup...

This gives you a buildless placeable of the Bait 'n' Tackle Shop...

...which, in turn, gives access to the menu for the 8 repeatable missions (all details HERE).

The missions will arrive twice a day as usual, and can be bought to open early and all of them, when completed, will give you pounds of fish to add to your total, which will be a collectible AND will be "tickets" to enter the sweepstakes contest with a hefty amount of Horseshoes as a prize...

New goodies wise we'll see three new crops...

...which will also be in the market along with some other mission rewards and related items.

That includes two new healables, the Filthy Water (healed with 10 Tuggin' Lines) and the Holey Boat (healed with 10 Stopper Plugs).

So, time to get fishing and get weighing to find a winner!