Thursday 1 August 2013

Dunk and Dive

With the Frontier sweltering under a heatwave, it's time for everyone to get together and find a good way to cool down!

Thank Jack that in your explorations you've found a perfect natural lake that you can turn into a community Swimming Hole!

From setting up the beach to finding ways to enjoy the cooling waters of the lake, now it's up to us to make the perfect spot for all our townspeople to enjoy...

Well, along with a little safety team as well...

As usual a popup will herald the arrival of the new stuff...

That will pop up a five mission set along with a wrapper to arrive on Monday with a new feature of it's own (all mission requirements HERE). It'll also start a four stage build that will take over the bottom right sideboard (where the Dig Site currently is) which will build up into another art department masterpiece... (all details HERE)

The main mission thread is a fairly standard set of missions with one new healable, the Rescue Duckling.

These are healed with 10 Safety Packs, which each take 3 Medical Gear (Aloe Vera) and 2 Fanny Packs (Wall Post).

The big rewards from these missions are going to be a couple items that will go some way towards helping us finish off some old injured animal requests.

First up will be the new Animal Vaccine Boosts.

The second item is a new version of the Animal Aid Crate, this one featuring the healing items from a new range of animals that have arrived since we got the first Animal Aid Crate from the Avalanche set.

These are then connected to the Monday Wrapper and it's brand new feature, the Injured Animal Field Guide!

This will work like an Almanac of Injured Animals and their types, keeping track of every type of Injured Animal we've ever healed and then give us rewards for getting them all!

Each animal has their own section and will give rewards when you complete them, which for some will be very easy as there's only one variation!

We'll also see a second healable, the Beaver Recruit!

This one will be healed with 10 Beaver Belts, made with 3 Pigskin Belts (Pigs) and 3 Building Tools (Wall Post).

So, what else will we have? A new free gift crop for one...

...which will be in the market along with some mission items....

...and a new collection!

So, remember, no bombing, no petting and get out if you have to go!