Thursday 15 August 2013

The Great Ted Robbery

Nothing ever goes smoothly on the Homestead, we know that for a fact... We've had to clear up most of the messes after all!

Well, it seems even a wedding isn't above the drama...

So here we go again, as we have to do what we do best and track down the real history behind one of our Homestead residents and whether he's been hiding something criminal... all to end with a reward we've all been asking for!

First up things will start off with a popup that shows first Bess' decision (to marry Ted) and then the shocking moment when the ceremony is interrupted by everyone's "favourite" detective, Finkerton!

So now the intrigue starts and we have to do what we can to find the real criminals behind the Train Robbery Ted is being accused of while he's hidden away in abandoned warehouse outside of town... something we'll be using ourselves later... That means a 5 mission thread with two wrappers (all details HERE) and a 4 step build (all details HERE)

To do this, we're going to have to find evidence inside Ted's chests and Lockboxes, Each is unlocked with just three Wall Post items, Inspection Gloves and Lockbox Keys respectively.

Those, in turn, drop Fingerprinted Gloves, Suspicious Photos and Handwritten Docs.

THOSE, in turn, are used with Fingerprint, Photo or Handwriting Analysers (3 at a time) which give out Guilty and Not Guilty verdicts...

Finally those are used as mission items, Not Guilty are used directly, Guilty ones are shredded using a Free Gift Shredder.

If that's all confusing, which it is, here it is in simple image form...

So, let's get past the mission info and onto the really exciting thing, the reward!

If we're going to find ourselves a disused warehouse then we're sure as heck gonna use it, and what better way than to store buildings? Yep, it's time to get more than a few single use buildings off our stead and into a new building storage building!

The list in full *deep breath*... Leatherworks, Craft Workshop, Dressform, Horseshoe Pit, Harvester, Mystical Charm Totem, Bountiful Harvest, Military Parcel Wagon, Military Mailbox, White Buffalo Shrine, Apple Festival Garden, Glassworks, Candy Shop, Frontier BBQ, Botanical Garden, Lil Crow's Hideout, Snowfight Fort, Pigskin Park, Fire Station, Build-O-Matic, Shaman Lodge, Animal Companion HQ, Survey Office, Rental Shack, Golden Waterfall, Candy Heart Press, Mystery Wagon, Weddin' Gazebo, Pigeon Loft, Memory Cabinet, Storm Shelter, Butterfly Sanctuary, Smokehouse and FARM Building.

For now we can store 10 of those, there will be expansions later on (not in this thread) increasing the amount we can store.


All will be fully useable from inside just like all other stored buildings!

Along with the warehouse we'll see three new items under free gifts, the Poison Ivy Crop, Handwriting Analyser and Shredder.

They are all in the market as well, along with all manner of other mission items and rewards.

Finally, we'll see a new Collection, the Train Robber Collection!

So, let's get proving Ted's innocence so come the wrapper on Monday... SPOILER ALERT...

He and Bess can elope with your help of course!

So, busy times...