Thursday 25 July 2013

Camps and Badges

It's Summer on the frontier and the kids are getting restless again... so what better way to keep them entertained than to take them out on a Summer Camp to Horseshoe Lake and teach them some life skills!

With Doc and Hank in tow it's time to get wild...

By taking them out into the wild we'll let them earn some merit badges and get us some new special items including the ability to store something lots have asked about for a long time!

It all starts as normal with a popup...

That then kicks off three four-mission threads and a wrapper (all details HERE) but no build! Instead we'll see a new map arrive with the daily sets on (think the Scavenger missions).

Each column will be a set of three missions that are (optionally!) repeatable and a wrapper that will need items from the missions, including these three new animals...

Now, onto the special storage, because I know that's what you want to know about! Well, once you complete the Wrapper you're going to be able to store 25 Stuffed Bear Statues into your Cave Bear along with the chance to collect the bonus from them!

So, what else new is arriving?

Well, one new free gift...

...which will go in the market along with some new bits.

Finally we'll see three new collections which will give mission items for the wrappers (again, think Scavenger).

So, lets get our kids wild-ready!