Friday 12 July 2013

She Does... Or Not...

There's nothing like a wedding... or is there?

With Ted and Bess now gainfully engaged it's time to start planning for some Frontier Nuptials, with a new building a little more suited to a Ted and Bess wedding and all the excitement that comes before and after.

Of course, nothing on the homestead is ever that simple, as we'll soon find out as we work our way through the missions...

It's going to come down to us to decide something that could change the lives for two Frontier folk.

As usual, we'll see a popup to start.

That will kick off a set of 7 missions, 4 standard ones, a single wrapper and a paired set for Monday (all Details HERE). It'll also launch a truncated 3 step build, the Ceremony Ranch (all details HERE)

From there we'll do all manner of wedding related things, just what you'd expect... right up until we don't.

You see, there's a twist in this tale, and it's a twist that we, the PT Community, get to pick. If you've surfed around the net long enough you'll have come across "shippers", people who are emotionally invested in characters from TV, movies or books and decide the best relationship for them, sometimes creating one from scratch.

The most famous of these is probably Team Jacob vs Team Edward from Twilight... but if deciding which undead creature gets it on with a teenage girl doesn't get your creativity flowing, we now have our own version, Team Ted and Team Horse.

You see Bess, being the feisty young thing she is, is now having cold feet (yes, after she pestered us into a nightmarishly long set of repeatable missions to find her a date... women's perogative and all that) and isn't sure if she's ready to be tied down yet, or if she'd rather stay free, single and, apparently, horse riding instead.

So this is where we come in. Throughout the missions we'll be recieving "Good Advice" as a reward (legal note: advice may not be good, terms and conditions apply) as well as being able to earn extras by completing  Blossom Barrels, a mini-build that's bought from the market. (build details are with the building ones HERE)

We can then "spend" the Good Advice by telling Bess what WE think she should do, either Make Ted the happiest man alive... or marry him.

The votes will be tallied up on a bar inside the Ceremony Ranch and let us know how the commuity is voting, Man, or Horse.

After what is currently an unspecified amount of time the die will be cast... and the storyline will go the way the community have decided, either Bess and Ted will walk up the aisle, or she'll run off free and happy and Ted will remain in a weeping heap on the floor, probably swearing off women in general.

So which way will you vote? For more babysitting missions, or for another set of missions trying to get Bess a date she'll forget about in a month? The choice is YOURS! (Well, ours...)

(Quick note for anyone who remembers the Kissing Tree missions and the "but X and Y are still kissing under mine" that followed. Unlike that one this is 100% down to US... there are two plotlines from here on out and what we decide is which one gets used for EVERYONE, whether you voted that way or not.)

As per usual we'll see the variety of new mission goodies, from a free gift crop and tree...

...which requires water to grow (the tree, not the crop)... a marketful of fresh new items...

...and a collection...

...which gives away a new little boost which will be something special for anyone who's a bit of a levelling fantaic, six hours of triple XP!

So, get your wedding planner hat on,... and your busybody breeches, and lets get this wedding all set up... and then either played out or burnt to the ground!