Thursday 4 July 2013

One Man's Trash... another man's treasure!

So, it's time to trade some of our trash in return for some gold rush pioneers treasure!

As folks pile in to the Wikiwah River in the hope of panning for some of the shiny stuff, they're going to need to have some pretty long lists of supplies, so that sounds like the perfect time to let those entrepreneurial brothers, Bart and Bert, to roll with their latest idea, the Supply Depot.

As usual, it's popup time!

That will kick off a five mission, one wrapper thread (all details HERE) and a four step build, the Supply Depot (all details HERE).

The trick of the Supply Depot will then be revealed, it's ability to take items (some of which you may have got an abundance of in your inventory) and trade them for goodies!

First up we check inside to see what folks are after and are given various lists by Bart and Bert. The items can be either request items (of either type) or just homestead drops from old missions!

There are 30 different possibilities and, while some are from this mission thread and newer items, some are request items from old missions and abudant homestead drops. (See the full list HERE)

This one, for example, is the pans from this thread, the Chisels from the Survey Office/Flag Crafting and Ripe Pumpkins that have been dropping from Pumpkins since Thanksgiving 2011.

As you can see, fulfilling each request gives a set payment of Gold Dust and then finishing an entire list gives extras! But now comes the question... what will Gold Dust do?

Well, it's a brand new currency that will be used in the new Gold Dust Market where we can trade our Gold Dust in for boosts, Free Gift Crops, normally premium goodies and... oh yes, you saw it right, the elusive Royal Sceptre from the Jack's Gold missions!

The contents of the market will change around regularly so it's a chance we may see more hard to get items! (We'll be collecting ideas from folks to pass on...)

There will also be two new freebies...

...a few new things in the market...

...including a new tree that will need 2 caffeinated water... (We only need one)

...and, from Monday, a new healable, the Exhausted Llama, which is fed 10 AlpaCoffees which is made from 1 Pot O' Joe (Coffee Trees) and 2 Watering Tubes (Wall Post)

...and will then take one of three varieties...

They drop the Java Llama Collection...

So, lets get dumping some of our rubbish off on other people for cash!