Monday 20 May 2013

Breeding Like Rabbits

Bunnies Breed like Bunnies, we know that, but do you ever what comes from different types of them?

Now you get to find out as we start Bunny Breeding on the Homestead (Like it needs input from us).

The Breeding isn't a whole new thread, merely a small mechanic brought in with the wrappers for the Bunny Partnering Missions.

It doesn't even need any brand new rabbits as it'll use the ones we've been partnering on.

So, how will it work?

Well, we simply click one of our Partnered bunnies on our homestead and select the Breed icon.

From there that will then bring up the breeding screen where we can pick who we want to breed with. (Well, the rabbits... or maybe not, we're open minded).

The screen will show a list of neighbours with bunnies you can breed with, or you can choose to join up with Bess instead and buy one of her rabbits.

The rabbit then becomes pregnant...

... and needs feeding 6 Hare Tonics which drop from Brown, Pink and White Rabbits. These originally came from healing Pregnant Bunnies and means you may have some in your inventory. If not they're mission rewards and can be bought.

Once it's fed you'll get a screen where you can see what you've bred...

...and the Bunny in question will "retire" and go in your Show Pen.

That's it! Bunny breeding in a hurry! For a more complete guide, click HERE.