Thursday 9 May 2013

Pack Away The Partnering

From animals to snowmen and even pumpkins, we've been doing our neighbourly duty partnering up with all manner of items for a spot short of 12 months now.

Well, Hank has decided it's time to get us one big building that'll do all the training of these critters and keep track of all the items we've done so we can show the kids just how to do it in the future.

And so, to that end, the Grange is born.

As usual, it's popup time...

That will kick off a 5 mission thread and a wrapper to arrive on Monday (all details HERE) along with a 4 step building, the Grange itself (all details HERE).

The Grange is a building storage building to hold all the different buildings we've had through the course of the last year... That's the Shearin' Salon (Fluffy Sheep), the Snow Slide (Snowmen), Kitten Corral (Cuddly Kittens), Holiday Glade (Decorations), Ice Hotel (Ice Sculptures), Fitness Fort (Burly Bulls), Training Centre (Ponies), Show Course (Dogs), Carving Station (Pumpkins), Turkey Track (Turkeys) and the Pig Pavilion (Pigs).

As well as the normal window showing what buildings are in there, we'll also have the "Almanac" button.

This will open up a history book of all your different partnering efforts, allow you to purchase variations you don't have yet AND let you collect special rewards for getting all three.

We'll see a new free gift crop...

...which will also be in the market along with some mission reward Horseshoe animals...

...and the final item, a "healable" called the Prize Mystery Basket.

These are healed with 6 Prize Packages, which are made with 2 Prize Power (Radishes) and 3 Frontier Gifts (Wall Post).

Once healed these will drop a bundle of feed for the different Partnering animals!

They appear in the market once we get the Wrapper on Monday, which is a traditional type, wrapping up the missions themselves... and comes with a rather unique decoration reward...

Gotta love that pig!

So, let's get building and pack those partner buildings away.