Thursday 25 April 2013

Powerful Poles

When it comes to the Frontier there aren't many better at working the land than the Wikiwah, and Laughing Bear is trusting you with one of the secrets of their success.

The Wikiwah use spiritually powered Totem Poles to power their animals, crops and trees and he's going to teach us to make our own.

With these Totem Poles we'll be able to boost all manner of things on our homesteads and get a step up in our homesteading...

As usual, we'll see a popup...

...which will kick off a five mission thread and a wrapper mission which will be our Monday release (all details HERE). It'll also allow us to place a four step buildable, the Totem Workshop (all details HERE).

So, how do these magical totems work? We start off with an uncarved wooden base.

This is then carved into a simple wooden totem.

This is then empowered with one of three Spirit Crystals, which are crafted separately.

Then, the Totem can be used to empower items placed around it, so for example a Totem powered with the Animal Crystal grows up to four animals stood around it.

There are also craftable crystals to grow crops and lumber trees instantly.

The Totems themselves can be used multiple times a day, with the only limitation being the power of the crystal. The Animal Crystal has enough power for 6 tends, the Crop Crystal 7 tends and the Lumber Crystal 5 tends, then the Totem is unpowered. (Once the Wrapper is completed our totems will become more powerful and do 50% more stuff).

However, the Totem itself does not need rebuilding, you can simply click it and select to replace the Crystal inside it.

Totems can wither if left unpowered for a certain amount of time (60 hours for Animals, 80 hours for Crops, 40 hours for Lumber). If that happens you have to recharge it, but that does take TWO crystals (for a full guide to the Totems, click HERE)

We are going to see a healable, the Lost Soul...

Which will be fed Spirit Feed (a wall post)...

...and turn into one of three animals, the Spirit Falcon (not shown), the Spirit Raven and Spirit Hawk.

We'll have one new free gift crop...

...which will also be in the market along with the Totems and a mission reward/premium item.

So, lets get building!