Thursday 18 April 2013

Build At A Rush!

OK, let's just get this out the way nice and early so we call all have a quick celebratory cry and get to it...

Doc's latest invention lets you complete old buildings. Yes, you read that right, complete old buildings, something I know a LOT of us have asked for.

He's been fed up of the clutter around the homestead so has designed the BUILD-O-MATIC to solve some of our old building woes.

As usual we'll see a popup...

That will kick off a five mission thread (all details HERE), no wrapper and the Buildomatic itself, a four step build (all details HERE) which is useable STRAIGHT AWAY, from the instant we place it we can start sorting old buildings.

So, time to cut to the chase, how is this going to work? Well, you can read a comprehensive guide HERE but here's a quick Starter Guide.

First up we're going to need power for the buildomatic, and that comes from Cattle Rotators (a market item for coins) and Hamster Generators, a Free Gift and Premium Item.

They are classed as injured animals and are healed with five Multiform Conductors. Each requires 3 Recovered Shavings (Recycle Bins/Corn) and 2 Sparkling Operators, a Wall Post.

When fully healed they then pop out "Cattle Power". The more you upgrade the Build-O-Matic the more will drop and the Hamster Generator drops more than the Cattle Rotator.

This Cattle Power is then used to "buy" old building parts inside the Build-O-Matic. We simply open up the building, select what building to work on from a list and go from there.

Now, the list of buildings we can work on will be set to a certain amount and also will be rotated on a regular basis, so the buildings inside will change and WILL include newer buildings, it's constantly changing and updating. To begin with it'll be the Fishing Pond, Library, Parcel Wagon, Auction Block and Museum.

I know what some of you are thinking though. You're thinking "But Andy, I'm up to date, I have no unfinished buildings, won't somebody think of us?!"... well, calm your fears, that's exactly what Zynga have done.

As well as completing buildings we can also use Cattle Power to create a Manufactured Crate.

This box of delights can contain all manner of high end stuff, rare animals, boosts, Books of Experience, Beef Jerky and even Horseshoes!

So even if you're up to date, there's something for you.

So, we'll see the aforementioned new free gifts, Recycle Bins (a crop) and Hamster Generators...

...and they'll be in the market along with the Cattle Rotator and some other HS and Mission reward items.

And finally, a collection!

So, lets get DIY-ing!