Thursday 4 April 2013

Twister and Shout...

Mother Nature is always one of the trickiest opponents on the Homestead and she's about to strike again. We've had floods, avalanches and fires... now it's time for a twister!

As we hit Tornado season it's time to batten down the hatches and make ourselves a Storm Shelter to be able to protect all our family, friends and the blowable stuff!

Oh, there's just one problem, and it's the usual one... step up Jack! Yes, the intrepid mountain man has got himself in trouble again by going missing as the Tornados start to hit... Search party time!

As usual things will kick off with a Popup (and a movie worth watching!)

That kicks off a five mission thread (all details HERE) and a four stage build/storyline (all details HERE) which is the tiny Storm Shelter.

We'll also see a new sideboard on the right hand side, Jack's fishing hole...

The Tornados themselves will be new Varmints that appear when you chop Oaks, harvest Dandelions or collect the Daily Bonus on the Shelter...

...and will be clobbered with 4 Sturdy Lassos, however things aren't as bad as you may think.

First up, as usual, if you're riding the White Grizzly (given on completion of THESE MISSIONS) it'll just take the one AND there's no requesting to be had, in a diversion from the norm these items will actually drop from Hide Prepping Stations or White Sage on the homestead.

We'll also see a couple of new items to heal. First up is Wet Animals that we rescue with 12 Absorbent Sponges which are made from 2 Springy Fibers (Rubber Root Dandelions/Flax) and 3 Mashing Pins (Wall Post).

They'll become one of three items...

Next up are Dizzy Cows that appear from clobbering Tornados, they take 10 Vertigo Solutions which are crafted from 2 Blossom Juice (Spring Flowers/Fools Bane) and 3 Well Kept Canisters (Wall Post).

The cows will give one of three different designs...

Please note however, the different animals dropping from Wet Animals and Dizzy Cows are ONLY for aesthetics, there's no random collection element in this set thankfully.

Now, you will have noticed a couple new crops in there, and there are three new free gift items, one tree and 2 crops.

The tree is a premium tree which needs growing with 2 Fancy Waters.

They'll also be in the market along with a few other new items which will be mission rewards...


Finally we will see a new collection, Over The Rainbow...

Which when completed gives the colourful Rainbow Horse! (Non-Rideable, should store in the Barn)

So, what are we waiting for? The Tornado Alarm is ringing!