Thursday 11 April 2013

...They Wear Big Socks

There's something new lurking in the forests around the Homestead and it's scaring the pioneers!

It seems we've been visited by the infamous Bigfoot, scourge of the wilds and creator of many a massive footprint!

He's scared the kids fishing, Doc collecting ingredients and even Jack walking his Poodle... and now it's up to you to hope into your Mystery Wagon and track the beast down and find out just what he's doing around our Homestead and even catch him!

It all kicks off with a popup as usual.

That will launch a five mission thread today and a connected wrapper mission that will be our mission on Monday (all details HERE), along with a four step Build/Story, the Mystery Wagon (all details HERE).

The missions will guide us through a map, with each point an investigation into the secret of the Bigfoot.

During the missions we'll see one new healable animal, a frightened ball of white fur that needs some looking after.

They each need 10 Fearless feed to heal...

...and become one of three varieties.

They will be in the market along with the new Free Gift crop and some mission reward items.

[PLEASE NOTE: The Frightened animals will be unlocked in the market on Monday]

So, it's time to get our detective trousers on and get sleuthing!