Saturday 11 June 2011

Happy Birthday To Ya...

To celebrate Frontierville's 1st Birthday it's time for an anniversary event! We'll have missions (details HERE), new market items and a chance to win HORSESHOES!

Oh yes, and DOUBLE XP on everything you do that's NOT in storage AND can be added up again to x3 with a Granny's Gut Punch.

Each day between the 10th of June and the 15th of June when you log in you'll be greeted with a pair of popups giving you the anniversary options...

Clicking on the first popup gives you a daily random chance to win horseshoes!

And on the second missions take you to the current active mission in the thread, (for all the mission details click HERE), and clicking market will take you to the Specials area where some oldies but goodies are waiting for you!

Finally if you're feeling flush the bonus gifts section gives some extra items when buying horseshoes...

$5 worth of HS - 2 energy refills
$20 worth of HS - Beef Jerky, 6 Any Animal Boosts
$100 worth of HS - A Book of Exp, 1 All Animal Boost, a new Mystery Animal, the Cougar!

Let us know what you think of the Anniversary event on our Facebook Page!