Wednesday 1 June 2011

Ring-ing the School Marm

Love is in the air on the Frontier and it's time for Hank to make Fanny an honest woman after all them there kissings under that big pink tree!

Only problem is the doofus ain't so good at this proposin' lark and is gonna need YOUR help if he's going to get that lady of his to agree to let him take her up the aisle...

First up you need to place a Hitching Rail, don't go worrying though, this doesn't need any building supplies, three whacks and it's done, and Hank will come and ask for your help with the first of SEVEN missions in this thread...

(The Hitching Rail will stick around for more special wagons to tie up to over the coming months!)

First off y'all need that Wedding Wagon to roll into town, nobody here on the Frontier knows how to do all the special stuff that you need to to make yerself a wedding so let the professionals arrive and help out!

Once you've called that there Wedding Wagon you can click on various menus for help, an about menu...

Three crafting screens... (most items are requestable, some are collectibles and some come as mission rewards, Gemstones will drop from doing anything around your homestead).

PLEASE NOTE - The Gold Wedding Band, Vase and Shoes are REWARDS for completing missions.

And finally the proposal screen itself, which shows you what you still need to collect before Hank can go down and make Fanny a happy lady. (The top three items are collected from missions, the bottom three from requests)

Once you've reached the last of the seven missions and picked up the items AND the gumption to propose, simply click in the Proposal window to start off a little cut scene!

(SPOILER ALERT: This is the proposal scene, only click if you want to know what the answer is...)

Of course, the traditional ending of one of our posts is also here... the collection!

So, Wagon's to help us during special events and a proposal! If you have anything to say about either be sure to visit out Facebook Page!