Thursday 23 June 2011

Ride 'em, Cowgirl!

We've been getting teased about this ever since the rideable horses appeared and now it's finally time to saddle up, get our horses fired up and take to the rodeo!

We'll get ourselves a nice new popup on our homesteads to place ourselves a rodeo and get the missions! (all details HERE)

Once we get the popup we'll be able to build up our rodeo which will take 6 new building materials to finish...

Now here comes the exciting part... Once the rodeo is up and running it's racing time!

Pick your strongest skilled horse and a neighbour to race using the first tab...

Then once you've started a race (each one takes 12 hours) click on the progress tab to see how you're doing!

The speed of your horse is all down to how many skill points it has and how many times you're cheered on by your friends! Ask them to give you some support via wall posts...

When the race is finished your rodeo will show up a big chequered flag to let you know you can go in and click results to see how you did, you can even see an animated version of the race!

Horses take some time to rest and recuperate so you can pick another horse, wait for your horse to be ready or feed them some Bronco Tonic to get them all geed up again...

Finally, as with all new buildings we'll be getting ourselves a new collection...

...and a new badge to be getting on with!

Rodeo PeeWee - Do 3 Rodeo Challenges - Reward: 100 XP, 1 Carrot, 200 Coins
Rodeo Rookie - Do 50 Rodeo Challenges - Reward: 2 HS
Rodeo Amateur - Do 100 Rodeo Challenges - Reward: 4 HS
Rodeo Professional - Do 200 Rodeo Challenges - Reward: 7 HS, Rodeo Sign

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