Wednesday 8 June 2011

Time To Go All In!

It's time for us to have a go at that long-standing western tradition... Poker!

Yes, we'll be upgrading our saloons to have a fancy poker table and be able to play some hands for special rewards!

We'll see the upgrade coming with three missions (details HERE) and the usual popup that's become our standard reason for excitement!

Once we've got the popup we'll see a tarp-covered poker table appear on the outskirts of our saloon and a yellow arrow over the top.

Clicking the Saloon will have a new menu option to finish the Poker Table with the usual collection of buildable materials...

As soon as your table has been completed it's time to play some hands! The rules are based on nice simple 5 card draw. You'll get cards as rewards for missions and each day from the Saloon Daily Bonus and when you have 5 cards you can play a hand.

You can play as many hands as you have sets of 5 cards and even a rubbish hand can win you prizes! (But a Royal Flush gets you 500 Horseshoes!)

Plus, playing hands lets you work towards the new Poker Player badge!

Poker Pioneer – Play 1 hand, reward - 250 XP, 2 Cards
Poker Practitioner – play 10 hands, reward - 500 XP, 5 Cards
Poker Pro – play 50 hands, reward - 1000 XP, 10 Cards
Poker Phenomenon – play 100 hands, reward 2000 XP, 25 Cards

Finally Poker players need some top quality drinkin so there's two new drinks available in the saloon!

Let us know if you'd like a few more games in the saloon on our Facebook Page.