Friday 27 May 2011

Support the Big'uns!

Are your bigger animals getting jealous of the chicken coops and livestock pens? Have you found an Ox trying to make a den or a mule in your shed? Well never fear, we're going to have the chance to put a roof over the head of our bigger animals as well with the Big Barn upgrade!

Barn Missions will appear at the same time as the upgrade option, all the details are HERE.

You start the barn upgrade by clicking the barn in the usual way and selecting "Upgrade", this will then popup a message from Humble Bob letting you buy the upgrade and place a tarp over the barn while you do the work.

Unlike previous buildings two of the six building materials for the upgrade will be familiar to all of us, the good old bricks (20) and tins of paint (15)! Beyond that you'll need 15 each of Blankets and Beams which are requested directly from friends and 10 each of Stalls and Silo's that are got via wall posts.

Once the barn is completed you'll then get an expanded menu, an about screen and... the chance to store baby, STORE!

The limits to the new barn are 1000 of each type of animal, horse, mule, ox and cow, so quite a lot more space to be had on your frontiers!

Collecting the daily bonus on the barn will spawn some XP or gold but will also give you the chance of an animal. There's a 40% chance of getting a Horse, Mule, Ox or Cow (10% chance on each) or an 8% chance of a special limited animal, White Mule, White Horse, Red Ox or Jersey Cow (2% chance on each) which will possibly give energy when tended!

It'll also drop it's own collection, so we'll be saying bye-bye to the barn collection. But never fear, instead of the Animal Harvest Boost of the Barn Collection we'll be picking up a sawhorse and TWO Animal Harvest boosts :D

Oh, and finally, the obligatory badge for storing animals!

Big Animal Hand - Store 1 Ox, Cow, Horse and Mule of any type - Reward 100 XP, 100 Food, 300 Coins
Big Animal Farmer - Store 50 Big Barn Animals - Reward  750 XP, 3 Dinners
Big Animal Extraordinaire - Store 100 Big Barn Animals - Reward 1000 XP, 1000 Coins
Big Animal Hoarder - Store 200 Big Barn Animals - Reward 1 Aluminium Water Trough, 5000 Coins, 1x 7-Course Feast

So, how excited are you at storing bigger animals? :D Let us know at our Facebook Page.