Wednesday 11 May 2011

Penned In

In the grand list of Frontier improvements one has stood head and shoulders above the rest in terms of desirability.

Whatever else has been released the one question has always been asked... "When are they going to let us have barns or pens to store our animals in?"

Well, there's an answer to that. Now!

Yes, they're finally here, animal storage!

It'll all kick off with a popup asking you to place the new livestock pen, starting up the mission thread as it does (Mission info HERE)

Once it's placed it'll need 5 whacks at 15 wood apiece and then finishing with 6 new building materials. The Pen Post, Pen Wire and Pen Trough are requested from walls, the Ben Bin and Pen Bucket from direct requests and then two Breeders Digests.

Then the fun starts...

As you can see, you can store goats, pigs and sheep inside the pen (up to 500 of each) in exactly the same way as storing chickens in the coops. By using the store or move cursors any ADULT, goat, pig or sheep can be placed inside.

Depending on what animals you have in there the Daily Bonus can even pop up rare versions of the animals as well!

Once the animals are stored a feed/Remove/Sell mechanic is available when clicking on the Pen.

One lovely feature is that the pen's graphic will change to show off what animals you have stored, as you can see this one has goats in it, so a small goat is in the "courtyard" :)

We believe that there will be a badge to go along with this feature at some point - in this case relating to breeding the rare animals (unconfirmed)
Badge 1 - Breed 5 Rare Animals - 300 XP and 300 Food
Badge 2 - Breed 10 Rare Animals - 1'000 XP and 3 Dinners
Badge 3 - Breed 25 Rare Animals - 5'000 XP and 5'000 Coins
Badge 4 - Breed 50 Rare Animal -  7'500 XP and a Livestock Sign

And the Collection - 

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