Wednesday 4 May 2011

Celebrating Frontier Moms!

Frontierville will be ringing to the sound of maternal celebrations with a new set of missions and features specially for Mother's Day in the United States!

The mission details are HERE but the storyline is all about being nice to Granny on Mothers day and cheering the old gal up! In the first mission you make her a nice meal, in the second you fix her broken still and in the third you get her a pet Kitty Cat... of sorts... ;)

The most fun part will probably be the third requirement of Mission III which is an adapted "Rango" mechanism to find 9 field mice.

The mice pop up and can be found doing anything on your homestead and for each three you get you pick up a special prize, part of Granny's dining table.

Just like Rango there'll always be a window showing your progress.

Then, when you get all those mice and finish all the missions Granny's Kitty can come and stay... although something tells me this one won't be happy with a catnip mouse...

Mind those claws folks...

[The Lynx will give 44 gold and 25 food per tend plus a 10% chance of an extra 10 food on a roll, it could also be sold for 3000 coins and 200 food. It drops Mystery Animal Collectibles.]