Wednesday 25 May 2011

Tree-mendous amounts of storage...

It's been a long time coming but it's finally here, another of our most wanted features... the Orchard!

Yes, once you've built this new building on your homestead you have a chance (with upgrades) to store ONE THOUSAND fruit trees and bushes!

It'll also be introducing six new trees! For all the information on those go HERE.

It'll all begin with the now-familiar popup introducing the feature and bringing up the mission thread (details HERE)

Once you click to place it, it'll be the traditional few whacks and then the finish screen with another 6 new building items the top three are wall requests, the bottom three direct requests. Now, more on this later but you'll  want more of these than just the first set, so don't be afraid of clicking and requesting as much as you can!

Once you've built it the usual menu options are there along with an "about" dialog...

As you can see, there's an upgrade option. Initially the Orchard will store 250 trees, but you'll then be able to upgrade it another three times, with the same building materials as the first build and each one will give you another 250 space each expansion, finishing off with 1'000 trees storable.

All the rest of the mechanics work the same as the chicken coops and livestock pens, with a feeding option and a chance to view and remove trees from your inventory.

It's also got, as usual, it's own collection...

More on the Orchard and new trees as and when we get it! Give us your thoughts on the new feature on our Facebook Page!