Friday 6 May 2011

Storage Solution Sale!

Finding things a little crowded? Sick of those St Patrick's Day decorations of a Jack O'Lantern that's so mouldy it's starting to exhibit signs of intelligent life?

Fear no more as expanding your storage shed has never been quicker, cheaper or easier!

Zynga have massively cut the requirements you now need to complete the shed expansion missions so it's much, much easier to get those extra storage spaces for those shiney things you love to have for special occasions but don't want around all the time...

These are how the changes have gone...

Mission 1:

Chop trees 50 times --is now--> Chop trees 10 times
Visit 25 Neighbours --is now--> Visit 5 Neighbours
Have 25 Cloth --is now--> Have 5 Cloth

Mission 2:

Have 100 planks --is now--> Have 40 planks (20 are taken)
Have 16 tools --is now--> Have 8 tools
Collect 2 Storage Shed Bonuses --is now--> Collect 1 Storage Shed Bonus

Mission 3:

Clear 25 Debris --is now--> Clear 5 Debris
Have 8 Sawhorses --is now--> Have 4 Sawhorses
Expand the Shed stays the same.

So, what are you waiting for? Get expanding and work towards not only your storage space but also the repeatable mission badge!