Friday 20 May 2011

Bess Gets Romantic

It seems that Hank has picked Fanny to be his beau and Bess is a little upset... But don't you be worrying, a big strong soldier is coming along to help her heart!

Take part in the five ROMANCE MISSIONS to get a chance to give Bess a token of Captain Flintlock's esteem, his best pony, Black Star!

Once you find the impressive black horse in your barn as part of the missions Bess will need a darn good hand to help tame it so you'll need to get some good strong farmhands to bring the horse to heel...

Once it is Bess can, from then on, be seen riding her new black pony with the smile of the truly loved! Let's hope Hank has a good gift in mind for Fanny, don't want her getting jealous... ;)

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