Friday 6 May 2011

Sit! Stay! Kill that Groundhog! GOOD dog...

Whether you want to be Barbera Woodhouse and establish yourself as pack leader or be a Dog Whisperer and have a good friendship with your pooch then now is finally the time to do it... trainable dogs are here! (Plus two new breeds, the St Bernard and the German Shepherd)

Now, obviously first off you'll need a good place to train them so if you're level 20 or over you'll be seeing this popup when you log in...

That'll then pop the Kennel onto the end of your cursor ready to place down on your homestead. It'll also begin the KENNEL MISSION THREAD.

Ten whacks later it'll be almost done and just ready for you to start collecting building supplies, as usual the top three are direct requests, the bottom three are wall requests.

Clicking "What's This" will also bring up a whole new dialogue explaining the system.

So, I bet you now wan't to get down and dirty and start training, yes? No, not just yet, there's one last thing you need to do before that happens, you need to let your dog grow up!

These training missions aren't house training or playing fetch but quite dangerous missions so you need to make sure your dog is big and strong to take part! Each puppy will need 10 Chunky Chow to grow fully and they can be fed to them all at once or a bit at a time. More Chunky Chow can be got from requests, HS purchases or one batch daily from the Kennel Daily Bonus (Only available when you've completed Mission IV).

Once your dog is an adult clicking on the Kennel and choosing "Train Dogs" will open up the dog management and training page. Some premium dogs (HS purchases) will come with skills already "installed".

To train the dog up involves four missions, two training missions when you show the dog what to do by having it follow you while doing activities, one simple "push the button" mission and a teaching mission when the dog itself does all the work. The missions are repeatable and need to be done individually for each dog.

The final mission also activates if you buy a premium dog with a skill already active.

All the missions are HERE... or if you want them individually they're HUNTING (clobbering varmints), HERDING (tending animals) and DIGGING (clearing debris).

So, finally... how do we use those skills? Well, we can now do all of our homestead duties doggie style!

Once an adult dog is following you it'll have a new option in it's menu, "Activate the Dog". Simply click that to take over the dog and use it around the homestead! Then when you're done just tell your dog to stay and they'll obediently march back to their waterbowl!

So there we go, we finally get to train those pooches around the homestead!

As it's a little confusing here's a really simple flowchart...
Build Kennel - Grow up dog with 10 Chunky Chow - Train dog in Kennel (missions) - Use Dog

As usual the building comes with it's own collection rewarding 100XP and a Chunky Chow.

There will also be 3 training collections:

Digging - 100XP, Hole in the Grass Decoration
Hunting - 100XP, Barbed Wire Fence

Herding - 100XP, 200 Food

And also a badge for teaching your Dog skills:

Teach your dog One Skill - Reward: 50XP, 2 Chunky Chow
Teach your dog Three Skills - Reward: 500 Coins 5 Chunky Chow
Teach your dog Nine Skills - Reward:  200XP 10 Chunky Chow
Teach your dog Fifteen Skills - Reward: Dog Show Trophy, 15 Chunky Chow

We'll bring you more as and when we get it but for now if you have any thoughts about the new feature or questions, please come and join us on our Facebook Page, the Fan's Fansite.