Friday 1 July 2011

Go 4th and tend!

[This event lasts until the 21st of July 2011]

It's that time of year again, time for all Americans to celebrate the fourth of July and for all other nationalities to enjoy some fancy new missions (all the details HERE!), decorations and other game items!

With all new stuff this year around we're being treated to a plethora of things to do, buy and make.

First up you'll get  a popup advertising the new Fireworks stand...

Clicking that or buying the Stand in the market kicks off the usual building scenario we all know and love now, with 6 building supplies to collect from neighbours, three direct requests, three wall requests...

Once it's built inside there'll be a chance to craft 4 different types of firework to place on your homestead...

Once you have... you can always remove the Stall in a spectacular and very final (for that stand) way! Hire three friends, hit the buttons and KABOOM, blow the stand sky high in a fiery explosion of pyrotechnics. (You can rebuild it once you've blown it up, as many times as you want!

We'll also be seeing a lot of new stuff around our homesteads, a new collection:

A new badge for setting off the NEW fireworks:

Star Student: Set off 5 fireworks - 1000 Coins, 1000XP
Shell Worker: Set off 25 fireworks  - 250 Coins, 250 XP
Mortar Packer: Set off 100 fireworks - 1000 coins, 1000 XP
Pyro Boss: Set off 500 fireworks - 3 Cherry Trees, 1500 Coins, 100 XP

Some familiar and new items in the marketplace...

...and a new mystery animal crate with three patriotic beasties in!

So get your red, white and blue gear ready for a good old knees up for July 4th...