Tuesday 5 July 2011

Still Drinkin'

You've always got to back up your friends but it seems like helping Bess out to win the rodeo may well have brought some new trouble to the homestead!

The unknown stranger she beat in her rodeo racing has turned out to be an unsavoury sort and is demanding we fix him up a few drinks to get him over the disappointment of the rodeo and he won't take no for an answer... in fact he won't take yes for an answer without trouble brewing!

You first hear about the dastardly dude when you see him hanging around your Saloon complaining about being beaten by Bess and then demanding you build him a still and make him some drinks! That'll kick off the Mission Thread and take you into the story of the nasty unknown stranger!

The still is a small footprint item (more well/beehive sized than a full building) and takes six new building supplies...

Now, back to the villain of the piece and it's fair to say your first attempts at a drink for him haven't gone down all that well...

So finally you craft him up something a little more... intense, the Afterburner! It's crafted in the still with Iron Ore and a new item, Chilli Sauce!

The Chilli Sauce comes straight from a brand new crop to hit the homestead, the Chilli Pepper. Trading in the Chilli Pepper Collection will get you the sauce you need...

As it's a drink made from Chilli Sauce, Iron, Snake Venom and Groundhog Guts it's fair to say the effect is... not what you might have hoped.

Yep, seems we haven't seen the back of that black-hatted human Varmint so there may well be trouble ahead on the homestead...

But back to now and it's time to get your culinary skills working to fix up that After Burner into something drinkable, which you do by adding Butterscotch, a new requestable item from friends, to make Red-Eye.

So, I hear you ask... what does Red Eye do? Well, ladies and gentlemen, take a seat because I know you're going to love this.

Drink yourself down a Red-Eye concoction and it'll let you collect a bonus again from any building that's not ready to collect from yet!

Yep, the Red Eye is a re-craftable, always makeable, NON-HORSESHOE Intuit Building Boost!

Need to complete a mission quick-fast and got your building collected from already? Sup yourself a Red Eye and get collecting again! There's no limit on use so you'll be well away!

Like what you hear? Already planning a Red Eye cocktail party? Come along to our Facebook Page and let us know!

Now just to start getting some plans in place for when that ornery ol critter comes back with his boys...