Wednesday 27 July 2011

A Yosemite Honeymoon!

It's time to wave the newly weds off on their Honeymoon - after "Talking to Hank" you will have to complete an INITIAL MISSION helping them gather enough Stagecoach tickets to set off on their travels. Once collected they will wander off into the sunset at the bottom of your Homestead. But now the fun starts!

Each postcard you get from Hank and Fanny will be inviting you to start another mission to help them collect things for their Honeymoon travels. For each mission you complete you will collect 1 GETAWAY PASS. Collect these Getaway Passes to enter into the Honeymoon Sweepstakes!

As you can see each of the FOUR MISSIONS are repeatable so you can collect more and more Getaway Passes, thus giving you a better chance of winning!

As well as collecting the Getaway Passes we will also collect Crates are rewards for completing the missions - Yosemite flower crate, animal crate and Yosemite tree crate - there more missions you repeat the more crates you will earn.

These will be available in the Marketplace - no prices have been given yet

You will also be required to craft some new items to complete the missions - A new crafting page will be added to the Wedding Wagon -

As ever there will also be a new collection -