Friday 22 July 2011

Inn L'Amour - Inn Upgrade

Our Inn is reaching skyward with the release of the new upgrade. Have you ever fancied running your own 5 star romantic getaway? Well now you will get your virtual chance! Please note that this will roll out slowly!

Humble Bob will make an appearance offering you the chance to purchase the upgrade for 1000 coins - 

Purchasing the upgrade will prompt these 4 MISSIONS

Click on your Inn and select "upgrade" and start asking for these building supplies which include the Banisters from the Lodge upgrade and the trusty paint buckets!

Once built your Inn will become the biggest building on the Frontier!

Clicking on View/Invite Guests will give you a one time tutorial so you can see what you need to do next.

Once per day you will be able to collect the rewards (daily building bonus), which grows depending on how many people accepted your invites to stay. You will then have another 24 hours to fill your rooms again.

There is also a new collection (Please not that the original Inn collection will now only be available from an original Inn) 

Plus a new set of badges for booking your rooms

So what do you think folks? Do you like this new feature? Let us know what rewards you get from your daily bonus and come and have your say at our FACEBOOK PAGE!