Tuesday 12 July 2011

Getting Hammered On The Trail for Charity

What could be better than finally getting the side-game we've all been so excited about? How about getting the Pioneer Trail AND... giving $200'000 to one of the best known and hard working charities around, Save the Children?

That's what we get with the latest update to the game, the Golden Hammers!

The Hammers will be collected and sent in a variety of ways and once one BILLION are in circulation... The day has finally arrived, for us all to start hitting the Trail! So the more you send, the quicker it comes :D

As well as THREE MISSIONS that have a Pioneer Trail angle to them we'll be building a Golden Hammer Forge and a Fancy Pavilion to celebrate the trail with!

The first thing you'll see is the bar across the top of the screen, ticking of the one billion Golden Hammers we'll need to go riding the Pioneer Trail!

That will give you a button to place the Pavilion which will let you ask for Hammers and will also track your progress to the goodies you'll pick up for collecting the hammers, including a special golden horse for collecting 900...

As you collect Hammers the Pavilion will also get more and more stuff in it, preparing for the leaving party!

Please note the hammer totals are wrong in this pre-production image.

The other building you'll be prompted to build is the Hammer Forge, where you'll be crafting the hammers for yourself with it's daily bonus...

Finally a small hud icon will pop up in the bottom left letting you gift hammers to friends!

Oh, and there'll be a collection to pick up as well :)

So get sending, get collecting, and get the Pioneer Trail!