Thursday 19 February 2015

Wild, Wild West

As well as bringing back a bundle of goods to sell Bart and Bert have brought with them all kinds of tales about what life is like out on the West Coast.

From surfing to chewing gum via hunky shirtless men and ladies in... risque outfits... they're telling their stories of all the things our Frontier might like to import.

As usual we'll see a popup to start...

That will kick off a series of 8 repeatable missions, a pair of linked wrappers and a Monday Mission (all details HERE). As usual with this type of mission there is no build, but there will be three placeable decorations, two in the market and one as a reward.

Inside those will be the mission map.

They will also contain a fishing mechanic that will drop items needed in the missions and can be sold for coins.

We'll also get one injured animal, Bert and Bart's Camp which will become one of three variations, that we will need for the first wrapper.

For the second wrapper we'll need a new item from the missions, Rumours...

They'll also drop from a reward, the Hula Hottie...

We'll see a new free gift crop, Green Mist...

...and finally, we'll be picking up a bundle of West themed goodies, including a new outfit and a new rideable!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get a taste of the West.