Wednesday 4 February 2015

Something Old, Something Older...

From the moment he arrived on the homestead one of the longest lasting relationships on the Frontier has been the matchup of the oldies, Doc with his crazyness matching up perfectly with our very favourite shotgun toting Granny.

Well, that relationship is now going to get some respectable formality as Doc has decided to drop to one knee and ask the question Granny was hoping for... "Will you marry me?"

Of course, that will then be followed by the slightly less exciting question of "Can you help me up?" but it's a start!

Of course, if Granny and Doc are finally going to tie the knot it's going to be up to us to make sure it goes without... scratch that, it goes WITH a hitch, the right one.

As ever, there's a popup to start...

That will launch a series of 5 missions, 1 wrapper and a Monday mission to cap it off (all details HERE). We'll also see one build, the Wedding Celebration (building details HERE).

That building will then have a fishing mechanic that will drop the first item in a healing chain, the Wedding Planner... yeah, there's a familiar face...

Bess will then drop one of three different participants to the wedding, a Bridesmaid, Groomsman or Flower Bearer, injured animals with 3 equally dropping variations.

We will, of course, see a new Free Gift Crop, the Wedding Succulent...

...which will be used in the healing craft.

We'll also see a bundle of wedding based rewards including a carriage horse, the rideable mount Carriage...

...oh, and the Wedding Crashers outfit! (Classy!)

So, these two have done so much for us over the years, lets make their special day, special.