Thursday 12 February 2015

Market Forces

Bert and Bart have been absent for a little while and it appears they've been travelling to the West and finding loads of new stuff they can sell on the homestead!

So, time to join them in getting rid of these new items on the homestead via the brothers brand new Flea Market...

But will it boom or bust? That's up to us, and there's some good rewards if it's boom!

There is, of course, a popup to start...

That will launch a traditional 5 mission set with a wrapper and a Monday mission (all details HERE). We'll also get a four stage buildable, the Flea Market (all details HERE).

That Flea Market will have a fishing mechanic which starts a short two-sided chain of healing.

The market drops one of three healables at a 1 in 3 rate (you get one every time).

Those in turn are then healed with items that drop from a second healable in the market, either the coin Bargaining for Dummies or the Premium Advanced Bargaining.

When those are healed they drop mission items but there are NO variations to collect.

We will get a new Free Gift Crop, the Heliamphora...

...and a new mission reward animal, the Sphynx Cat.

Finally when we finish the missions we'll get a range of foreign prizes!

So, lets get our best bargaining britches on!