Saturday 12 March 2011

Which Lady's Chest Do You Prefer? EXCLUSIVE!

[These features are unreleased and prices may change]

Frontierville are giving us the chance to get our hands on Fanny and Bess's Chests in the market!

Yes, for 38 Horseshoes each you can get hold of one of two new Mystery Chests, each one dedicated to one of Frontierville's favourite ladies. These crates will be available until the end of the month and each contain one of four things specially designed for the lady involved...

First up the Bess Chest...

Which contains a white rabbit, Bess' horse, Bess' wagon or umm... Bess' outhouse!

Then comes Fanny's Chest...

Which can contain a black raven, Fanny's Horse, Fanny's Wagon and again... Fanny's Outhouse.

The chances of getting each item is exactly the same, 25% each one and if you buy more than one the game won't let you get repeats so you're sure of a second unique item. It'll also drop energy and a random collectible from a standard collection.

There are also six new decorations, three for each woman.

Bess has flowers (3000 coins), a hat and lasso (4 HS) and a milking set of stool and jugs (4000 coins)...

Fanny has some flowers (3000 coins), her teachers desk (4 HS) and some school books (4000 coins)...

So, which is your favourite chest? Do you want to park yourself at the desk of Fanny or collect Bess' jugs?

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