Friday 18 March 2011

Finkerton's Detective Agency Finds Lost Players?!

The Frontier is soon going to get it's own Sherlock Holmes as the Finkertons Detective Agency Building moves in with an intriguing mission... to get players who've quit to return to the game or "track down" current players if you don't want to ask folks who've left or don't play.

The building itself is fairly small 5x4 tiles and is built using all new materials, specifically 10 Desks, Curtains and Large Hinges, along with 15 Coat Racks, Frosted Glass and Floorboards (The final three are direct requests, the first three wall requests.)

The building will also include it's own 5 mission thread (details HERE) which will introduce the Finkertons and, in Mission V introduce what appears to be the Detective Agency's main task, collecting back lost sheep from the Frontierville flock... well, members anyway.

Outside the building will stand Private Detective Finkerton who will guide you through "outstanding warrants" and "found friends"... in other words fellow players to "find" and been brought back respectively.

First the selection screen, this is random from your neighbours and can be refreshed, it contains ALL different types of "Lost Settler" from those who don't play to those who do, so you can pick and choose who to ask.

The second and third screens allow you to see who has invites open, and who has accepted...

Then you can collect your reward on those who've said yes!

There will then be a leaderboard tracking you and your friends progress in getting players back into the game. Points and rewards are offered depending on how long the players have been "missing"

Over 14 Days - Three Care Packages - 4 points

7-14 Days - One Finkerton's Crate - 3 points (A Finkerton Crate holds three rare collection items)

3-7 Days - One Breakfast - 2 Points

Non FTV Playing Cityville and Farmville players - Four Care Packages - 5 Points

Active Friends - 100 coins - 1 Point

As you can see, with current players an option and people who simply haven't logged in for 3 days there should be options for everyone to join in the fun. With the mission rewards for the "Welcome Back" as high as they appear to be it might also be welcomed!

The building comes (as they all do) with it's own collection: Badge, Handcuffs, Invisible Ink, Notebook and Shoes

Which rewards a Finkertons Footprints, a decoration.

And a set of badges for finding lost settlers...

Badge 1 - Find 10 Friends - Reward - 250XP, 200 coins, One Fast Hands Boost
Badge 2 - Find 25 Friends - Reward - 500XP, 500 coins, Three Fast Hands Boosts
Badge 3 - Find 60 Friends - Reward - 1000XP, 1000 coins, Six Fast Hands Boosts
Badge 4 - Find 100 Friends - Reward - 2000XP, 2000 coins, Ten Fast Hands Boosts

More info if and when we get it!

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