Friday 25 March 2011

Spring Has Sprung

I see trees of green... and new injured animals too!

We may all have seen the trees in Frontierville have returned to being green but their change signals more than just a colour change! We're going to be seeing new injured animals and new missions... plus another collection dropping with the frequency of other recent specials such as the New Year Collection and the St Patrick's Day.

For the three Spring Is Sprung missions click HERE

Now, onto the new animals!

While tending trees, both lumber or fruit, you might come across a Black Egg containing a Black Turtle or a Teal Egg containing a Black Robin...

They need caring for with seven Fuzzy Blankets, again requested from friends. It works much the same way as an injured animal.

If that's not your thing, while tending rocks and grass you may come across a burrow which will contain either

A Bear Cub or a Chinchilla!

Feeding them seven Juicy Berry's each will then "heal" them and make them a tendable animal on your farm. As usual the berries are requested from friends.

Along with the new animals doing pretty much anything will pop up some familiar collectibles... The Spring Weather Collection that was attached to the Spring Groundhog are having their own version of Groundhog Day and are returning with a new Reward for trading them in, a Mud Puddle and 50XP.

Any other info if and when we get it! But if you have anything to say about the new animals or missions be sure to visit our Facebook Page and have your say.