Friday 11 March 2011

Coyotes Are Here!

It's time to coop those chickens... Coyotes are here!

For the five mission thread of Coyote Missions go HERE

Coyotes will appear from tending chickens AS WELL as Foxes, so we won't lose out on those little orange fellows either. Coyotes will appear 100% of the time when collecting the Coop bonus however and foxes won't.

When it appears it'll spawn a "Chicken Massacre" that will wipe 10% of chickens still on your homestead and not in coops, up to a maximum of 50... so best get those chicken inside those shiney new expanded homes!

They'll be a clobberable varmint and as such will drop the Coyote Collection, Mangled Feathers, Howling at the Moon Tshirt, Coyote Pelt, Coyote Pendant and a Coyote Tail:

With a reward of a stuffed Coyote:

The Clobber (it only takes one) costs one energy point and get's a base of 10 gold and 2XP with a possible drop of up to 10 food and up to 200 extra gold.

Killing the Coyote get's you 50 gold and 5XP with the same chance at an extra up to 10 food and up to 250 extra XP.

Should you be unfortunate enough to have chicken(s) eaten you've also got a chance at the Eaten Chicken Collection! (Vegetarians, look away now...), the Beak, Comb, Feet, Skull and Wing.

That rewards you with a spare chicken to help replace the one's you've lost!

They've also got their own set of badges for clobbering them... see all the details on that and the new feeding chicken badges HERE